Jasminka Lukovic Jaglicic

Jasminka Lukovic Jaglicic was born in Serbia in 1966. She is Director of REDASP - Regional Agency for Economic Development of Sumadija and Pomoravlje.
She is expert in Territorial Economic Development Strategies (strategic planning; project design; local economic development planning, structuring and coordination; business development support; cluster and business association development; management of development found; non financial support to SMEs), LEDAs (management and promotion), and Innovation Systems (analyses of potentials for establishment of industrial zones and techno parks; founding Business Innovation Centre).
She has also been working as a trainer in strategic planning, enterprise life cycle management and PCM.
She led several studies on economic development.
Among the others: 
- Study on the possibilities to support the development of SME supply chain in automotive industry of Central Serbia;
- Study on models for establishment of Regional Guarantee fund for Sumadija and Pomoravlja;

- Feasibility study for creation of human resources development fund.