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09 August 2016
CIDES Pikine has started its activities for LED in Pikine Department (Senegal)
The CIDES Pikine has begun his work for the competitive inclusive and sustainable economic development of the Pikine Department. From February 2016, in fact, the CIDES Saloum has become fully operational, relying on a technical team and its own headquarters. In particular, the technical team is composed of a Director, an Expert of Economic Animation...

09 August 2016
CIDES Saloum has started its activities for LED in the Kaolack Region (Senegal)
The CIDES Saloum has begun his work for the competitive inclusive and sustainable economic development of the Kaolack Region, in Senegal. The CIDES, which is inspired by the experiences of Local Economic Development Agencies Local Economic Development Agencies, is adapted, through a participatory approach, to the institutional, economic and social...

28 July 2016
Territorial marketing strategy for the department of Morazán (El Salvador) shared by the local actors.
In the framework of the project of the European Union "Strengthening small agricultural producers of the Morazan Department", the Morazán LEDA, supported by EURADA / ILS LEDA, has shared the territorial marketing strategy with the actors of the Department and with the main national partners during a misión of Canzanelli Giancarlo,...

23 May 2016
ITALY 2030 - Government, enterprises and civi society facing the sustainable development challenge
In the framework of "European Week of Sustainable Development"(30 May to 5 June) more than 3 thousands events will take place in all European countries, to open a debate on how governments, enterprises and civil society can contribute to the creation of 17 sustainable development objectives set out in the UN Agenda 2030. ASVIS - Italian...




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