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Elaborating papers is one of the tools for systematizing and disseminating the ILS LEDA experience and the lessons learned.

Papers include reflections, approaches, methodologies or systematization of experience.

You can view all the papers, or search by specific countries or keywords, within a list of pre-selected options.
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February 2018
Estrategia, Gobernanza e Instrumentos del Desarrollo Econůmico Local
Abstract:  El documento ilustra la experiencia de ILS LEDA en el apoyo a los procesos de desarrollo economico territorial, las soluciones...

October 2015
100 LEDA territorial good practices for a better world
Abstract: Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) of the ILS LEDA network have achieved very important results on job creation, small...

September 2015
Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure and Business Development
Abstract: Palgrave Macmillan editor (USA) published on September 2015 a recommended book titled “Public Private Partnership...

November 2014
The role of University and the Local Economic Development
Abstract: In the framework of Fydem Project in Nicaragua, comes the need to realize this study. The study aims to answer some questions,...

September 2014
ILS LEDA Notebook - LED and fight against poverty
Abstract: Amartya Sen, one of the most famous researchers on the topic, has given an appropriate definition of poverty that completes Adam...

January 2014
Local Economies in times of crisis: Italian industrial districts experience
Abstract: The most interesting examples of industrial district were born in Italy in the '70s, especially in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, during...

January 2014
ILS LEDA Notebook - LED and Environment
Abstract: Environment contributes both directly and indirectly to economic development and employment, as stated by the UNDP-UNEP-Poverty-Environment...

October 2013
ILS LEDA Notebook - LED and Migration
Abstract: This notebook focus on the importance of local economic development on supporting migrants initiatives aimed at either contributing...

September 2013
Elements of public policy for LED and LEDA - The case of El Salvador
Abstract: This document explains how to build LED strategies in 8 stages, the management elements of public policy, and the tasks of CIADEL...

September 2013
The public sector's role in local development on international experience
Abstract: The paper describes related topics to the challenge of public policies for local development, the ingredients for the success of...
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