ILS LEDA is co-applicant of a Project financed by the European Union, and leaded by Salfit Municipality (West Bank, Palestine). The project is called InterConnect - Integrated development and connectivity of Salfit Municipality with nearby Area C communities through the direct engagement of Youth and women.

The overall objective of the action is to enhance the capacity of Salfit Municipality to provide for an effective governance of the territory conducive to the development of Area C. The specific objective is to strengthen accountability and democratic participation in Salfit areas promoting and enhancing meaningful engagement of youth and women for the development of Area C by a new pact for local development.

The role of ILS LEDA is aimed at:

  1. Training on Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD), how to elaborate strategies and plans for competitive, sustainable and inclusive territorial development, public private partnership processes, service planning and management, social entrepreneurship
  2. Conducting analysis and elaborating strategic proposals on the base of main economic, social and environmental needs of the main value chains, with particular regard to women and young people.
  3. Revising, exteding and operationalizing the Salfit Municipality Strategic Plan.
  • 01 February 2019
  • Asia and Africa

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