University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Training, Advanced Learning and Scientific Research of Canada is launching the Canada Graduate Scholarship Program to attract international students who want to study or research at the University of Toronto.

The increasingly protracted and complex nature of most crises has driven local populations, local organisations and the aid community to a difficult position to save lives and provide resort, while trying to address the root causes of needs, vulnerabilities and risks; and ensuring a long-term, sustainable impact of their interventions.

Let's meet Giancarlo Canzanelli, ILS LEDA President, in 3 questions.

Monks in Zabaikal region

The PROZVET Project, carried on in the Russian regions of Karelia and Zabaikal achieved in its first year of action the following general results:

ILS LEDA is a partner of ISUDWOG - Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Women and Girls - a project co-financed by the European Union and carried out in the district of Osmanabad (India), with particular reference to 8 blocks (clusters of villages).

In November 18 the Accountability Assembly of ADELDOM – the Network of Dominican Local Economic Development Agencies – was held with the participation of LEDAs’ representatives from seven provinces: Bahoruco, Dajabón, El Seibo, Valverde, Monte Plata, Santiago Rodríguez and Sánchez Ramírez.

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