Building governance

We foster the building of solid public-private partnerships for managing economic development processes at a local level.

The alliance of the local actors within a given territory is the base upon which to build any strategy, plan, initiative or project for a long-term sustainable and successful local economic development process.

Towards this goal the preliminary approach adopted by ILS LEDA aims at supporting local actors in boosting those mechanisms and dynamics that lead to an effective and proactive territorial governance.

This process includes:

  • An assessment of the social and relational capital and the mapping of local resources.
    We realise this assessment using our own consolidated and participatory tool, named PASC (Products and Actors for Sustainable Competitiveness).
  • Building the capacity of local actors for enhancing their awareness of the importance of effective and participatory governance and for developing their abilities in managing it, mainly through a collective decision-making process.
    We realise these trainings through short courses in the field and seminars using distance-learning modalities.
  • Establishing governance mechanisms or entities for promoting and supporting local economic processes and strategies for a sustainable, fair, and inclusive development.
    We support various forms of governance mechanisms, such as Territorial Development Forums, Local Development Steering Committees, Territorial Pacts, and Local Economic Development Agencies


Albania, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal.  

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