Territorial Marketing

We support local actors in identifying the distinguishing features of their areas and designing territorial marketing strategies and brands.

Territorial Marketing is a strategy, which aims to guide the action of the actors of a territory, to improve its placement at national and international level, through the identification and strengthening of its "personality", as a set of tangible and intangible factors, and an effective "communication" policy, in order to improve the quality of life, the social equality, the environmental protection and the dissemination of its own culture.

It promotes and implements interventions for increasing the territorial value; at the same time, it seeks to attract into the area those people and activities that can promote the development of local resources.

Finally, territorial marketing seeks to communicate the attractive elements of the territory; thus, promoting its unique opportunities and improving the living conditions of its current and potential users.

ILS LEDA set up specific methodology and tools for elaborating a participatory strategy for territorial marketing (TEMA), which includes:

  • A historical, geographic, and cultural framework.
  • The definition of the territorial personality, identifying those elements of uniqueness, or with competitive advantage (such as the RESCO assessment).
  • The identification of the territorial image.
  • The selection of communication tools, such as: advertising, propaganda, public relations, direct marketing, big events.

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