Training operators

We provide customised courses - including online courses - and support universities in designing Masters and specialised courses on LED

ILS LEDA systematises the acquired knowledge and lessons learned from its wide experience, and designs customised training courses for different contexts and requests.

We mainly provide five types of courses:

  • On line webinars (4-6 hours duration) focused on specific topics, such as:
    • How to implement the LEDA tools?
    • What is a LEDA?
    • How to ensure a LEDA’s success?
    • How to make a LEDA self-sustainable?
    • How to establish a LEDA?

  • Short courses (2 days) on the field focused on specific questions, such as
    • Why is local economic development important?
    • What forms of governance are most effective for local economic development?
    • How to realize competitive, sustainable, and inclusive local economic development?
    • What are the pillars of an effective strategy for local economic development?
    • What is the role of a LEDA?
    • How to foster innovation at a local level?
    • How to elaborate territorial marketing strategies?

  • Summer schools (5 days duration) on basic knowledge about local economic development processes (governance, strategies and plans, specific strategies for innovation, implementation structures and LEDA, territorial marketing)

  • Specialised university on-line courses (approximately 24 hours) on specific topics, such as:
    • Basic background on local/territorial economic development
    • How to manage a Local Economic Development Agency
    • How to build participatory bottom-up development strategies and plans

  • Diplomas on Territorial Economic Development, including all the above-mentioned topics, customised to the demand

Webinars: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina
Short courses: in all the countries where we have provided the previously mentioned services
Summer school: Italy
Specialized courses: Colombia
Diplomas: Cuba, Guatemala, Italy


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