Facilitating strategies

We support the local actors in formulating participatory territorial strategies for human development.

Formulating a shared strategy for medium to long-term competitive, sustainable, and inclusive development is a crucial framework for the success of the entire development process; without a strategy, fragmented actions will not produce impact and will not be able to address the population’s main needs.

To this end, ILS LEDA supports local actors through a specific and unique participatory tool, named RESCO (Resources for Economic Sustainable Competitiveness). RESCO is aimed at:

  • Identifying the local resources that have competitive advantages;
  • Assessing target markets;
  • Analysing economic, social, environmental, institutional, and financial sustainability;
  • Assessing the innovative potential and needs of the territory;
  • Prioritising those value chains, related to the identified resources, that have the most potential for a sustainable, competitive, and inclusive development (according to the results of the previous assessments);
  • Analysing and prioritising the obstacles to the full valorisation of the prioritised value chains;
  • Elaborating guidelines for a shared development strategy, according to the inputs from the previous assessments, both for the prioritised value chains and the ones not considered a priority;
  • Elaborating guidelines for a comprehensive development strategy for the overall territorial level
  • Formulating three to five-year territorial development plans

Albania, Colombia, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Palestine, Russia, Senegal, Tunisia, Uzbekistan


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