Implementing strategies

We support local actors in designing customized comprehensive systems for implementing their shared development strategies and plans at a territorial level.

Strategies and plans would be useless, or simply desk ornaments, without the capacity to put in practice and implement their recommendations.

ILS LEDA has a consolidated experience and built a unique tool for identifying and establishing entities for the abovementioned aim.

Various examples of these entities exist in the world (Business Service Centres, Local Action Groups, Business Innovation Centres, Incubators, Free Zones, etc.), but those ILS LEDA considers to be the most appropriate for providing comprehensive support to competitive, sustainable, and inclusive territorial development are the so-called Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA).

The OECD, using a definition from ILS LEDA, considers a LEDA to be a legal, non-profit structure, generally owned by public and private entities of the territory, which acts as a mechanism through which local actors plan and activate, in a shared manner, initiatives for territorial economic development; identify the most convenient instruments for their realization; implement a coherent system for their technical and financial support.

The ILS LEDA methodology for establishing a LEDA (or any other System for Integrated Support to Local Development –SISLED-) includes the following steps:

  • Preparation: includes the identification of the actors, the constitution of the LEDA Promoting Group, and the provision of the budget for the entire creation process.
  • Feasibility: includes the definition of the objectives, the analysis of the demand and supply of services for the economic valorisation of the area, the definition of a first organizational draft, commitment letter of the actors, involvement of the national Government, and basic training.
  • Design: includes the definition of priorities and start-up organization, preparation of the statute, preparation of the financial plan (with assured resources), and the start-up plan. This is the phase, in which the actors decide whether to promote a LEDA or another form of SISLED.
  • Establishment: includes the legal registration, selection and training of the Board and the staff of the LEDA, definition of the strategy for future sustainability, and opening of the headquarters.
  • Start-up: includes the first provision of services, the preparation of management and operation manuals, promotional campaigns, visibility events, and links to national and international networks.

Albania, Angola, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uruguay.

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