Implementing strategies

We support local actors in providing effective and efficient services, and designing customised comprehensive service systems for improving the economic and social performance of their territories.

In most cases, service providers do exist, but they are not well-coordinated, neither effective, or customised to the services demands, or capable to respond to all the needs.

In such situations, ILS LEDA offers a consolidated competence and may be helpful in building customised solutions that vary from unstructured to institutional mechanisms.

The unstructured mechanism consists in building a formal or informal network of service providers, through an agreement for their coordination.

The institutional mechanism consists in building a formal entity, such as a Local or Regional Development Agency, a Business Service Centre, a Local Action Group, a Business Innovation Centre, an Incubator, a Consortium for specific service infrastructure (free zone, port, entrepôt, etc.)

ILS LEDA has an outstanding competence in this field, thanks to its unique methodology, called TESSY, that includes the following steps:

  • Pre-feasibility: problem assessment, identification of the actors and constitution of a Promoting Group.
  • Feasibility: definition of the objectives, market analysis, definition of an organisational chart draft, assessment of the actors’ commitment.
  • Design: definition of priorities, regulation for action (or statute), business plan, and legal form, initial capital.
  • Start up: legal registration, selection and training of the board and the staff, strategy for future sustainability, provision of prioritised services, promotional campaigns, links to national and international networks.

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