1st ILS LEDA mission to Cambodia

In the framework of the Project CLESIDRA: Civil Society Links and Empowerment for Socially Inclusive Development in Ratanakiri, Cambodia, the mission of Vincenzo Milio, the Executive Director of ILS LEDA, was carried out from 11/02/2024 to 17/02/2024 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The mission was aimed at conducting coordination meetings with the local partners of the project’s consortium, Building Community Voices (BCV) and Urban Poor Women Development (UPWD). FELCOS Umbria, the leader of the project’s consortium, has participated in the meetings remotely.

1 mission Cambogia 3

The main results of the missions consisted in sharing and clarifying objectives, logic, approach and methodology of the project; and, defining the 4 target value chains of the Ratanakiri province: Rice, Cashew Nuts, Cassava and Eco-tourism.

The high degree of a proactive participation and commitment of BCV and UPWD teams was relevant for the achievement of these results, as it was expressed either during the 3 training sessions (“Competitive and sustainable Territorial Economic Development(TED), and the ILS LEDA RESCO methodology”; “The governance in local economic development”; “The importance of comprehensive service provision for competitive and sustainable development”), and in sharing the main guidelines for following actions (identification and motivation of Target Groups, definition of the contents of training sessions for the target groups).

1 mission Cambogia

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