Agorada 2018 is coming and will focus on the Industry 4.0 topic

AGORADA 2018 is coming. It is the major summer event co - organized by EURADA, the European Association of Economic Development Agencies founded in 1992 which gathers people working on economic development throughout 22 countries in the European Union and beyond.
This time, Agorada will focus on the Industry 4.0 topic. How to approach this industrial transformation? What are the consequences and opportunities? What are the initiatives and good practices carried out at European level? Is Industry 4.0 within the reach of SMEs?  What support is available?
These questions will be answered during the event, which will take place on the 20th of June in Point Centre, CHARLEROI (Aéropole de Gosselies), Belgium. 
A panel of speakers, local and international, will follow one another to answer these questions and to bring their various testimonies and experiences.

This conference is the framework of the "Made Different Digital Wallonia" (  

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