AGORADA 2019: Exploiting the full potential of Social Enterprises

The 2019 edition of the international conference AGORADA "Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises", taking place in Brussels on March 26 and 27, 2019, is dedicated to social enterprises and the challenges to face for improving their development. 

The event, organized by EURADA, the European Association of Regional Development Agencies, in collaboration with the European Commission and Social Seeds, Social Economy Europe, Reconfirm and EMEN, European Network of Migrant Entrepreneurs, gathers more than 100 participants among professionals, stakeholders, experts and policy makers to discuss how policies, programs and organizations can make the difference to support and improve the growth of social enterprises.
Issues such as the development and expansion of new companies, access to finance, innovation and internationalization represent interesting opportunities and, at the same time, complex challenges for the development of social enterprises, and for this reason they will be the focus of conference’s discussion.

AGORADA 2019 also intends to promote "Open Dialogue": participatory workshops among representatives of EU institutions and key territorial actors, for the exchange of ideas, problems and solutions aimed at developing an ecosystem in favour of social enterprises.
The conference also aims to re-launch the creation of a network among the different stakeholders and bring the participants to the opportunities and initiatives of the EU in support of social entrepreneurship.

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