Closing Conference of the UE Jailym Project in Kazaksthan

An ILS LEDA mission was carried out in Kazaksthan (Almaty) in the occasion of the Jailym project closing conference, from 19 to 23 February.

It was carried out by the ILS LEDA member Alfonso Marino, professor at the Vanvitelli University of Aversa (Italy).

The objective of the mission was to present the tools and practices of the circular economy applied to the livestock and pastoral sector, and it was achieved through various activities, such as:

  1. Meeting with local partners for sharing the opportunity to offer sustainability and circularity tools
  2. 2 Meetings with the AKIMATs of Almaty and Е-Zhety, and the participation of breeders and shepherds, and local institutions for illustrating the contribution of the circular economy for the mitigation of climate change, with particular reference to the livestock and sheep farming sector, and best practices
  3. Participation in the closing conference of the programme, with the participation of the European delegation and representatives of the Akimat’s of the Almaty Region, Local Institutions, in which the role of the circular economy with the 7 reference pillars of the European Union has been developed.
  4. Final meeting with the project stakeholders for sharing possible continuity of the project

To know more about the Jailym project, clich here.

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