Colombia and Argentina sharing Local Economic Development Experiences

"Economies for Peace" - the project that ADELCO Network carries out with APC-Colombia, and supported by the national Agency for the Renewal of the Territory -  aims to define territorial productive agendas in coffee and cocoa as a contribution to the formulation of the PDET for promoting long-term strategic competitiveness, by exchanging local and international experiences and practices to strengthen local capacities.
Colombia and Argentina: From October 23 to November 1, the Economies for Peace Program carries out the second Learning Route around Experiences of Local and Territorial Development in Argentina.
The Learning Route has the participation of International Foundation for Local Development– Findel (Buenos Aires), Civic Association for Development and Competitive Innovation – ACDICAR (Rafaela), National University Villa María, Agency for Economic Development Ciudad de Córdoba (ADEC)  and directors and stakeholders of Local Economic Development Agencies - LEDAs in Colombia.
The Learning Route to Argentina, developed with the support of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation (APC), aims to identify, visit and exchanging with some of the most relevant local economic development experiences in the country and to facilitate dialogue and alliance among local actors and directors of Colombian LEDAs.


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