First Argentinian Congress on Territorial Development

"The transformations in the Argentinean and Latin American context and the redefinition of public policies challenge us to create spaces of meeting, exchange of experiences, research and proposals and questions that problematize local and regional development from an interdisciplinary perspective".

On August 23 and 24, 2018, the 1st Argentine Congress of Territorial Development and the III Conference on Local Regional Development will be held in the city of Villa María, Córdoba.  

The purpose of the meeting is to create a space for debate and reflection on the future productive profile of Argentina that represent a determining factor for the local and regional development processes, providing tools of economic analysis to interpret and intervene on the local economies , debating about the entrepreneurs of development and best practices and creating poles of discussion to strengthen and create networks of study, research and production in the field of Territorial Development.


  • Table I: Development in a Latin American way.
  • Table II: Approaches to Territorial Development.
  • Table III: Public policies and capacities for local management.
  • Table IV: City and rurality. Management of urban and peri-urban conflicts.
  • Table V: Economic democracy and territorial productive processes.
  • Table VI: Territorial processes and environment.

  • Panel I: Organisms and institutions of territorial development.
  • Panel II: Work trajectories and theoretical production of professionals in Development.


  • The role of facilitators in territorial development

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