News an online meeting place for the international horticulture industry is a daily review reporting the most interesting innovations in the horticulture sector. The website is updated daily with interesting news from around the globe and it intends to provide as much information as possible, which could help growers with the management of their horticultural enterprise.

In the number published on October, 22nd ILS LEDA selected the following news:

  • A new way of cultivating. A tomato plant adapted to fit perfectly into an indoor farming environment
  •  Addressing the plastic waste issue in the horti-industry
  •  Investment for robotic growth for strawberries
  •  A commercial version of an AI-driven solution for Autonomous Growing: a joint venture between Microsoft and Blue Radix, a specialist in Autonomous Growing.
  •  Greenhouse grower moves beyond tomatoes


You can find all these articles and much more on its website:

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