Launch of projects to strengthen LED in Colombia

The Colombian Network of Economic Development Agencies (Red Adelco) executes the  Strategic Territorial Competitiveness - CET project, granted by the European Union, as complementary support to the Colombian Government through the Ministry of the Interior, for the implementation of the Public Policy of Local Economic Development within the framework of the Sectoral Reform Contract for Territorial Strategic Competitiveness in Colombia. 

The European Union, MinCIT - Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism - and Red Adelco present 13 projects to strengthen Local Economic Development. 

The Productive Development Projects contribute to materialize actions of the Sectoral Policy of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism within the framework of the National Productive Development Policy. They have a total financing of about 4,110 million pesos, to which are added contributions of approximately $ 1,040 million pesos from the private sector and local authorities, benefiting more than 600 Productive Units.

Next May 17 from 8:00 am, the National Network of Local Development Agencies of Colombia - Red Adelco -, the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, officially present in Silvia, Cauca, the first 13 (thirteen) productive development projects that are launched within the framework of the Strategic Territorial Competitiveness Program - CET, whose goal is to reach 34 Projects by 2019.

The projects are located in nine (9) departments of Colombia and are developed from nine (9) value chains as follows:

  • Antioquia: tourism
  • Arauca: cacao
  • Boyacá: coffee and tourism
  • Cauca: quinoa and tourism
  • Cesar: piscicultura
  • La Guajira: tourism
  • Nariño: special coffee,  tahití lemon and bróccoli
  • Risaralda: blackberry
  • Valle del Cauca: hass avocado

The thematic panel will be held during the event: "Productive development projects and their impact on territorial competitiveness", with participation of regional actors, beneficiaries of the projects and invited entities 


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