Limitations and opportunities of LEDAs in Uruguay

Mirtha Silvana Marín Garat is a PhD student at the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI) Mexico. She is finishing her thesis on the limitations and opportunities of the Development Agencies of Uruguay. Silvana is, at the same time, director of the Local Economic Development Agency of the Province of Rivera and, therefore, is not silly in the matter, on the contrary, she lives and suffers on her skin virtues and vices, contradictions and problems , difficulty finding correct and shared solutions from complex organizations from a  LEDA.

To carry out her thesis, Silvana requested an interview with ILS LEDA and the interview was based on 16 questions asked.
These questions seemed very appropriate and interesting, because they represent concerns and doubts that we have faced in discussions with mayors, government representatives, operators, development agents, social workers, businessmen and trade unionists, bankers, youth representatives, women, people with disability, environmentalists.

For this reason, we considered useful to transform the interview into a document, especially since it tries to summarize general problems and solutions.

This synthetic colloquial mode, if it has the advantage of quick and easy reading, necessarily has the defect of shallowness, which we refer to more substantial readings.

The interview refers to 5 main problems of the LEDA:
The role
The design
Governance and management
Critical points


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