Master in Inclusion and Social Innovation by Italian Universities

From 9 September to 02 October the application to "Master in Inclusion and Social Innovation" is open.
The Master is organized by University Ca' Foscari of Venice, IUAV Venice, University of Padova, and University of Verona.
This is an interdisciplinary training and involves experts from different disciplines and Universities, in order to collect the best from different knowledge and experience.
It will be involved experts in the fields of economics and finance, including inclusive and ethical finance, of psychology, education, sociology and anthropology, cultural heritage and tourism, information technology and accessibility, new technologies and information and communication technologies, human rights and legal and political sciences, natural and agro-environmental sciences, architecture, urban planning and land planning, design, etc.
The contents and themes of the Master are the following:
  • Concepts, principles and characteristics of inclusion and inclusive contexts
  • Human rights, vulnerabilities and ethical aspects
  • Legislative and Administrative issues
  • Relational aspects for the management of complex and heterogeneous contexts from an inclusive perspective
  • Quality of life, work and education
  • City and territories
  • Inclusion, sustainability and cultural environment, voluntary and third sector
  • Economy and support to inclusion
  • Social innovation
  • New inclusive technologies
  • Cooperation 
  • Professional planning and work inclusion
  • Project designing, monitoring and evaluation
The master is adressed to professionals working in local public entities (Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces, Regions), in national governmental entities (included fields of education, health, business...). It is also adressed to professionals working in local NGOs and to people interested in becoming experts in inclusive processes and social innovation processes.

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