Memorandum on Cooperation between REDASP and Support Program for Rural and Regional Development

Serbia: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, throught  Support Program for Rural and Regional Development in the Republic of Serbia, in the next year and a half will support rural development through networking of partners from the territory of Sumadija, Kolubara, Srem and Macva district
Planned support includes development of knowledge and resources of  at least 3 partnership, which will include representatives of the public, private and civil sector through training, development planning documentation, familiarizing with the best practices of other regions in Serbia and other European countries. The amount of the 1.6 million Swiss francs was reserved for the (co) financing of the projects developed within supported initiatives in the field of rural development.

Project team and the Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje (REDASP) have worked closely over the past year in the process of forming partnerships on the territory the county as well as in their development, and introduction to the representatives of local governments, public enterprises, manufacturers and their associations and other potential partners on opportunities and benefits of participation in partnerships, with full assistance in preparing applications for support. 
In this regard, in Kragujevac on April 4th, was signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Support Program for Rural and Regional Development in the Republic of Serbia on one side and Partnership for Development of the territorial identity of Šumadija through development of fruit and grape production, as well as through identification and branding of typical regional products (for Partnership, a signatory of the Memorandum was REDASP).
Memorandum includes activities related to the promotion of fruit and grape production defining and branding of typical regional products and tourism as a horizontal issue in all three thematic subfields.
Support Program for Rural and Regional Development in the Republic of Serbia aims to provide access to additional funds for the implementation of the responsibility of local governments and in this way contribute to strengthening of the democratic process of decision making on priorities at the local level and improve services to citizens and the private sector.


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