Results of the Local Economic Development Agencies Network in the Dominican Republic

In July 2019, a delegation composed by 14 representatives of public entities, productive sector and social organizations of the Santiago Rodríguez Province, made a visit to Monte Plata, to learn about the experience of the Local Economic Development Agency ADELMOPLA.

The two-day visit has been organized by ADELDOM, the Network of Dominican Local Economic Development Agencies, which associates the LEDAs of six Dominican Provinces: Bahoruco, Dajabón, Monte Plata, Seibo, Sánchez Ramírez and Valverde. It is a member of ILS LEDA Netrwork.

The visit has been carried out as part of the process to create a new LEDA in the Santiago Rodríguez Province, implemented by a local promotion committee with the support of the Northwest Development Institute (INDENOR) and the ADELDOM Network.
The visit has allowed the delegation to know the good practices of the LEDA of the Monte Plata Province in the implementation of associative processes that allow increasing the income of agricultural and livestock producers and generating new jobs in the territory.

Created in 2001, ADELMOPLA involves more than 40 public, associative and private entities of the provincial territory. Through a Development Plan agreed among all local actors, it operates to carry out initiatives to strengthen economic development with an inclusive and sustainable approach.

During the visit, the delegation of the Santiago Rodríguez Province was able to meet different successful economic initiatives, promoted or accompanied by ADELMOPLA. Among these initiatives, the delegation visited the Dairy Chain, which through the Asociación de Ganaderos de Monte Plata AGAMPTA has managed to establish a milk processing plant and to sign a contract with the Ministry of Education. Currently they provide more than 300,000 portions of milk for the school breakfast contributing to a profitable production of more than 3,000 local farmers and to a good diet for the children of the territory.

The delegation also visited the Bloque Cacaotero in the Municipality of Bayaguana, which articulates more than 3,500 producers to export organic and fair certified cocoa in Europe and other countries, guaranteeing the market, increasing prices thanks to the high quality and adding value through the development of new products. In addition, the delegation visited the experience of the Association of Pineapple Producers who have established a packing plant and export their products to different countries. The delegation also visited the tourist-cultural experience Hermanos Guillén.

The delegation of the Santiago Rodríguez Province was able to verify in the field the diversity of both economic and social activities that can be promoted from a LEDA to take advantage of the endogenous potential generating jobs and creating wealth in a sustainable way.

In the final evaluation, the participants identified the key words of the work to be carried out: process, associationism, education, leadership, adding value, quality, joint management, generational relief, among others. All assured the commitment to work to establish the LEDA in the Santiago Rodríguez Province, valuing it as an important platform to promote the sustainable and inclusive development of the territory.

The LEDAs that operate in the six Provinces of the Dominican Republic involving more than 300 entities of the respective territories, were created in the 2000’s upon the initiative of local actors, with the support of different entities of the Dominican Government and different initiatives of the United Nations Development Program UNDP. On the ADELVA website, the LEDA of the Valverde Province, extensive information on the characteristics of the LEDAs, the activities carried out by ADELVA in the provincial territory and the collaborations established with different national institutions can be found.

In 2008 the Dominican LEDAs, with the support of UNDP, created the ADELDOM Network, an inter-institutional entity whose purpose is to generate links and connections between territories, to strengthen the work of each LEDA and to facilitate collaboration with national and international bodies. The ADELDOM Network collaborates with ILS LEDA, International Services Network that associates 60 local economic development agencies from 25 countries.

In 2015-2016, the ADELDOM Network provided support to the actors of the Northeast Department of Haiti, located on the border with the Dominican Republic, for the implementation of ADELNEH, the first Local development Economic Agency created in the country, within the framework of the UNDP Haiti - Dominican Republic Binational Program, funded by the European Union.

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