The house of inclusive and sustainable economic territorial development

ILS LEDA is going to launch a new publication: “The house of inclusive and sustainable economic territorial development”.
The work intends to provide a comfortable “tool” where the reader can find what she/he considers more useful for improving her/his knowledge and implementing actions related to Local Economic Development (LED).
You can take the path that leads you from the entrance to the end according to the proposed order (room 1, room 2, etc.), or you can choose your own path, or enter just in some rooms.
The work is addressed to scholars and practitioners for orienting them about the main theories and approaches on local/territorial development, having a panorama of the practices carried out by relevant international institutions and finally, introducing some "tool kits", built on the track of the large ILS LEDA experience, which can be helpful to those interested in "how to make" local development processes at work, with a particular focus on the LED processes.

The “house" is composed of the following rooms:

ROOM 1- Summary on theoretical bases and main approaches assets (the bottom-up path, space and spatial dimension, social capital: the value of the participation)

ROOM 2 - Making LED at work (Governance, Strategies, Implementation)

ROOM 3 - Operationalising the approach: brief view on the international practices (ILO, UNDP, OECD, European Union, World Bank, IADB, UN-Habitat, Swiss Cooperation, GIZ)

ROOM 4 - The action of ILS LEDA at glance (What is ILS LEDA; The approach of ILS LEDA on governance, strategic planning for competitive, inclusive and sustainable development; implementation structures; territorial promotion)

ROOM 5 - The ILS LEDA tool kits (on how to make governance at work; how to valorize the endogenous resources; how to create a LEDA; how to measure the LEDA performance; how to manage a LEDA; how to promote a territory

ROOM 6 - The challenges (Innovations, Social and solidarity economy, Role of territory in the globalization, Role of territories in safeguarding the planet: circular and green economy)

A Playroom room is also available for amusing games about Local Economic Development

The initiative will be disseminated on the ILS LEDA web site ( and ILS LEDA Facebook profile, through publications published approximately every week.
The first publication is foreseen in November this year.
First edition will be in English; afterwards Spanish, French, and Italian versions will be realized.

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