The innovative experiential tourism promoted by "Ecuador Mystic Country"


The tourists who have Quito as destination can live a new experience thanks to 'Ecuador Mystic Country', an innovative small enterprise created by Gabriela Fernandez . This initiative was the second winner of the Women Successful Entrepreneurship Program promoted by Municipality of Quito, the Unidad Patronato San José and ConQuito. 
'Ecuador Mystic Country' is a travel agency, based on an experiential tourism, the visitor will know how to made traditional sweets and will play typical games of the city, among others.

This agency is dedicated to generating and providing experiences "we travel through cities and tourist places, in a fun and playful way, showing stories, customs and little known characters, making visitors enjoy the treasures that Quito and the country have," said Gabriela Fernández. 
The name Ecuador Mystic Country  "defines the idiosyncrasy of our country, from our origins following the stars and nature, through legends, unique characters, myths and traditions, sometimes intriguing, fun, full of magic and mysticism" says the founder Gabriela Fernandez  " And we think that this is a phrase that describes even today our daily life". 

This initiative was born in 2016 and is on the market since four months. About 70 tourists have experimented this innovative option: people from Mexico, Panama, the United States, Spain and domestic tourists. 

For the district of Quito they developed 'Mi Ruta, mi Quito', a three-hour walking tour in which tourists know the Historic Center. It includes visits to monuments, churches and monasteries, traditional activities, such as helping Don Luis Banda to prepare colaciones(traditional sweet), painting with Jhery Reinoso remembering the old painting Escuela Quiteña, learning how to make a candlestick with Uvaldina Quillupangui and the syncretism of the church and ancestors .


by Conquito - Agencia de Desarrollo Economico de Quito

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