Creation of ILS LEDA, 1998

Creation of ILS LEDA, 1998

ILS LEDA was established in 1998 in the framework of the EDINFODEC Program, managed by UNOPS (United Nations Organisation for Project Services), and sponsored by UNDP (United Nations Development Program), the Italian Cooperation to Development, ILO (International Labour Office), and Eurada (European Association of Development Agencies).

The launch Conference was held in Genoa in October 1998, thanks to the support of the Liguria Regional Administration.

At that time several international cooperation programs (financed by Italy) had supported the establishment of the following Local Economic Development Agencies:

  • ADES Granada (Nicaragua, 1991), through an Italian Cooperation Program
  • ADELs Morazán and Chalatenango (El Salvador), Adevas Ocotepeque and Valle (Honduras), ADELs Ixcán and Ixil (Guatemala), ADELs Inotega and Nueva Segovia (Nicaragua), Perez Zeledon (Costa Rica), through the PRODERE program, managed by UNOPS
  • Travnik (Bosnia-Herzegovina), through the Atlas Program, managed by UNOPS

The aims of ILS LEDA were:

  1. Networking the LEDAs established in the framework of the human development programs run in thr framework of the EDINFODE programs
  2. Provide technical support to the above mentioned LEDAs
  3. Facilitate links and partnerships between the above mentioned LEDAs with European similar structures, decentralised cooperation structures, as well as South-South cooperation

Giancarlo Canzanelli was named first ILS LEDA coordinator, and the group of experts engaged for the technical support to the creation of the LEDAs kept providing their services in the framework of ILS LEDA.

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