ILS LEDA supported the UNOPS City to City Program in the establishment of the Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA) in Novi Sad (ALMA MONS) and Sjumadia (REDASP), with the objectives of promoting sustainable growth and employment generation.

Under the general objective of the City-to-City Programme, the LEDA’s objectives are to:

  1. Contribute towards improvement of the local business environment;
  2. Promote economic and entrepreneurial development;
  3. Facilitate access to finance and credit;
  4. Support capacity building and training;
  5. Support vulnerable groups in self-employment,
  6. Contribute to the integration of the South Backa District into domestic and international markets through decentralized cooperation. Through:
  7. Improving conditions of and access to financial services;
  8. Capacity building and training;
  9. Technical assistance to SMEs, potential entrepreneurs and vulnerable persons, as well as local institutions of the public and private sectors
  10. Collection of information and research;
  11. Implementation of local economic development projects; and
  12. Facilitation of market linkages and business development. 

The main objectives of the ILS LEDA support was:

  1. Provide training and technical assistance to the City‐to‐City program in order to:

    - establish the LEDAs in South Backa district (Novi Sad), named Alma Mons, and the the region of Sumadija, named REDASP (

    - establish a Guarantee Fund in the framework of Alma Mons activities   (

    - to enhance national awareness of government and other institutions on local economic development

    - to provide territorial development strategies and marketing       (

2.  Provide technical assistance and training to the City‐to‐City program for implementing internationalization and international partnership projects, international links in the framework of the ILS LEDA initiative.


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  • 09 December 2018
  • Europe

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