The project employs a territorial approach to address the needs of the decentralised bodies, with particular focus on regional administrations (qarks) of Albanian regions of Vlora and Shkodra.The programme was implemented in cooperation with the Albanian Minister of Local Issues, the Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry of Culture.

UNDP ART GOLD 2 worked to:

  1. Promote cooperation of local government institutions with local communities, through participatory strategic planning processes, to create their own vision for the future and discover the best ways to implement it by connecting the cultural, environmental, social and economic aspects of the territories.
  2. Support the Local Economic Development Agencies in Vlora (AULEDA) and Shkodra (TEULEDA) through tailored technical assistance on development of business plans and project management, focusing on economic activities that benefit the vulnerable.
  3. Provide guidelines for regional administrations, LEDAs and local producers on how to increase the economic value of typical (such as milk and its by-products, honey, olive oil, etc.) agricultural products. 
  4. Promote local innovations in sectors such as agriculture, eco-friendly technologies, local planning, health care, etc.
  5. Build regional and local stakeholders’ capacities in project design to facilitate quality project applications to various funding schemes.
  6. Support technically and financially the implementation of key regional priorities for small infrastructure and non-infrastructure interventions
  7. Improve the allocation of financial credit - through a security mechanism (Guarantee Fund) - to SMEs operating in agro-industry, handicrafts, tourism, fisheries, etc., usually facing difficulties to access bank loans due to lack of assets and guarantees.

ILS LEDA supported the activities n° 2, 3, 5 and 7

  • 13 December 2018
  • Europe

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