ILS LEDA provided capacity building for 30 people selected by the UNOPS ATLAS program, from the Kerouan and Jendouba regions, and from the national level for improving their capacities in assessing the territorial economic potential and formulating value chains and territorial development strategies

The RESCO method we used and taught to the participants.

It was a formation-action process, which combined classroom training (consisting on lectures, games and exercises, and application working groups), testing of the learned methodology in the fields, and following feedbacks in the classroom.

The process has been articulated in 4 phases.

Phase 1: Acknowledgement of the RESCO tool, through a workshop in Tunis

Phase 2: Analysis on the field and evaluation

In Jendouba 5 focus groups were constituted (in brackets the focal points).

  1. Milk (Mr Fadhel Nsiri - Dir Achat Lait - Société laitière Délice)
  2. Biologic Honey (Abderrahim Ben Ayed)
  3. Forest products (ODESYPANO Bèja-Technicien principal - Rjaibi Ridha)
  4. L’abricotier “Khit El Oued “ (Monastiri Fawzi)
  5. Ecotourism (Mr Med Saadi Debbiche - CRT Tabarka)

In Kerouan 6 focus groups were constituted

  1. Olive oil : (Mme Rahma Rahmani -Ing. principal CRDA arrondissement Prod. végétale) 
  2. Barbarie Fig : Hammadi Baklouti - coordinateur du projet Fix Kairouan) 
  3. Tourism écologique et culturel : (Mme Refka Dhahri - Asso. AKAD Oueslatia, et Mme Sahir Ben Garouia Sahli - Architecte principal - INP)
  4. Camels : (Mr Lotfi Hamdi - Vétérinaire chef d'arrondissement Prod. animale CRDA) 
  5. Milk : (Mr Najib Ajili  - Société laitière Délice)

Phase 3: Preparing value chains strategic development guidelines, through desk work, the results of the field work, and a 2nd workshop in Tunis

Phase 4: Finalizing and delivering the value chains strategic development guidelines, through desk work


  • 02 January 2019
  • Asia and Africa

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