ILS LEDA mainly supported the ART Uruguay program, the national government, and local actors in the creation of the LEDA Rivera (ADER), which has the mission of improving the quality of life of population of Rivera Department, through the creation of employment and income with equity and sustainability, environmentally sustainable, and capable of overcoming economic marginalization, social exclusion and cultural fragility.

The main objective is the valorisation of the endogenous resources (productive, cultural, commercial), and to build a new citizenship, through the reinforcement of the identity, image, culture and knowledge of the department.

The priority services planned are:

Direct services

Services for inhabitants

  • Guidance to identify business opportunities in the territory, according to the defined priorities.
  • Encouraging the most disadvantaged population in undertaking entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Training (basic, business, professional, administrative, etc.).
  • Promoting exchanges of knowledge and practices.
  • Technical assistance for the promotion of cooperatives and social enterprises.

    Business services

  • Guidance to identify business opportunities in the territory
  • Disseminating information on economic processes at local, national and international level
  • Facilitation of links with other enterprises, universities, quality control and certification centers, territorial brands, or other competent institutions.
  • Technical assistance in the formulation and monitoring of business plans.
  • Technical assistance in the entrepreneurial management
  • Technical assistance in improving technological innovation and in the link with the research centers.
  • Technical assistance in marketing
  • Facilitation of access to credit 

Institutional services

  • Training (technical, managerial, organizational).
  • Technical assistance for territorial planning and its implementation.
  • Technical assistance for environmental protection programs
  • Technical assistance in the formulation and management of projects.Strengthening of the alliance between the same institutions and for networking for identification and implementation of the development strategy.
  • Preparation and implementation of the territorial marketing strategy (internal and external), to improve the strategic positioning of the territory in national and international markets.
  • Facilitation in the improvement of relations with national and international entities.

Indirect services

  • Studies and diagnostics 
  • Preparation and coordination of strategic projects
  • Database and information on economic activities 
  • Development and management of relationships with national and international entities for channeling resources and co-development projects
  • Awareness campaigns on inclusive and sustainable development, with a gender focus
  • Promotion of associations, value chains and networks
  • Motivational campaigns to buy local products
  • 09 January 2019
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