POI SERBIA, 2004-2006

POI SERBIA, 2004-2006

In the framework of CIRCLE activities the project "Construction of relational networks” for integrated territorial development in areas with a predominant agricultural and rural economy, through a partnership between the Campania Region, the Basilicata Region and UNOPS, the network RSLST Naples and the local development agency of the Southern Backa in Serbia (Alma Mons), funded by the Campania Region. This program has been developed in support and in collaboration with the UN ART-SERBIA program, implemented by UNOPS, with the aim of providing technical assistance to the Regions of Campania and Basilicata for the planning and management of interventions, directly taking care of relations with the Serbian Local Development Agency Alma Mons and ensuring the coordination of activities with Italian and Serbian partners. 

In particular, CIRCLE's action has been developed in three aspects:

  1. development of a strategic proposal to develop the competitive potential of Southern Backa, based on the analysis of economic potential
  2. identification and support for the training of Serbian actors to improve the productivity and competitiveness of their value chains, with particular reference to the promotion of the Southern Bačka Salaši network as a tool for effective integration between rural development and tourism development activities
  3. support to the STSL network for the preparation of the reference framework for calls for proposals from the Campania and Basilicata regions to finance the partnership projects deriving from the POI project
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