SENEGAL, 2014-16

SENEGAL, 2014-16

ILS LEDA, as part of the KIP International School, has been contracted by the Ministry of Women, Family and Children of Senegal, for providing technical assistance to create and support two Centers for Integrated Economic and Social Development (CIDES).
In particular, the technical assistance was provided in the framework of the Integrated Economic and Social Development Program (PIDES) of the Ministry aimed at supporting social protection policies based on a process of emersion and emancipation of women and young people from vulnerable contexts, favouring the promotion of socio-economic development.

The main achieved results by KIP - ILS LEDA are:

  • Feasibility studies for the establishment of the 2 CIDES realized, including service demand and supply analysis, context assessment, national framework assessment, and preliminary organizational frame sharing.
  • Local actors of the 2 regions and at national level trained on Local Economic Development, according to the ILS LEDA previous experience
  • The 2 CIDES established, according to their sustainability plan
  • Technical assistance to the CIDES’ start up provided, including capacity building for the members, the Administrative Board and the Directors
  • Realization of CIDES partnership building strategy involving organizations supporting local economic development at local, national and international level
  • Preliminary organization of local value chains with a greater impact for the inclusion of women and young people in the productive circuit.
  • 31 January 2019
  • Asia and Africa

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