ILS LEDA personnel has been contracted by Formaper for providing specialized expertise in a Project financed by the European Union called AGROCOMP - Value chain competitiveness of agro-business & food processing SMEs through sustainable development and eco- innovation.

Its overall objective is to promote sustainable production and eco-innovative practices of agro-business and food processing sectors in 6 target regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Its specific objective is to create and reinforce the Professional Network of joint stakeholders’ Expertise - PNE to effectively support food production and processing enterprises for competitive quality leap.

The main estimated results are:

  1. Institutional capacity building of project partners strengthened
  2. Professional Network of joint stakeholders’ expertise created and reinforced
  3. Direct Support: pilot actions of direct assistance to SMEs and entrepreneurs as training, consulting, individual Business Plan development, mentoring, coaching to implement best practices, implemented
  4. Networking: 2 Professional Networks of joint stakeholders’ expertise to better support SMEs development, promote green financing and investment, provide expert advice on investment opportunities created and reinforced
  5. Sustainability: up to 60 professionals with complementing expertise trained in about 15 subjects able to design and implement future services (training/consulting/ lobbying). Manual, best practices, video didactic material.

In this framework ILS LEDA was engaged for:

  1. Providing capacity building on the elaboration of strategies and plans for competitive, sustainable and inclusive territorial development, Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD), public private partnership processes, participatory governance, the value chain creation & management, the service provision
  2. Provide analysis and orientation on how to build a coordinated Service System at district and regional level supporting competitive and sustainable value chains
  • 01 February 2019
  • Asia and Africa

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