ILS LEDA supported the European Union project "Bettering Livelihood of Vulnerable and Low Income Communities in Siberia", managed by Formaper, through a mission and a paper which provides specific orientations and indications about possible territorial economic development strategies, according to the available documentation.

The assessment regards the Altai region, the Alejskij Rajon, the Rebrihinski District, the Bijskij District, the Pervomaycky District, the Maiminski District, the Togulsky District, the areas of Angarsk, Kuitun, and Buryatia.

The strategies were articulated according to the following areas: governance, valorisation of agriculture resource and value chains, valorisation of tourism resource and value chain, green economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, non financial services, financial services, labour market, capacity building.

Strategic priorities and mayor obstacles to development were taken into consideration, according to the territorial profile elaborated in the framework of the BLAGO Project, and strategic actions and proposes projects ideas for each territory for immediate implementation recommended.

  • 06 February 2019
  • Europe

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