4 value chain development strategies presented and the finalisation for the establishment of a territorial alliance (ASIDO) in Osmanabad (India) started up

A mission of the ILS LEDA Executive Director, Vincenzo Milio, was carried out in the framework of the project ISUDWOG (Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Women and Girls), funded by the European Commission, from 12 to 18 of June, with the aim of following up crucial project activities, such as:

  • the presentation of the strategic actions of the 4 prioritised value chains: Pulse, Goat, Milk and Vegetables (Onions and Chili)
  • the starting of the final steps for the establishment of the ASIDO (Alliance of Sustainable and Inclusive Development of Osmanabad) and the District Service System (DSS).

According to the Project objectives, the ASIDO, the Alliance for Sustainable and Inclusive Development of Osmanabad, is a partnership mechanism between CSOs and the other local public and private actors aimed at promoting inclusive, gender-oriented, and sustainable development of the district, whereas the DSS is a system that integrates and coordinates the available services, facilitating access to women and girls, trough realising cost economies, and proximity.

The mission was carried out through meetings with women producers, women mentors, service providers, local enterprises and local authorities.

The mission main achievements were:

  • the sharing with the VC Focus Groups of the Value Chains (VC) strategies and the priority actions supported by the project;
  • the training for ASIDO and DSS members on the role, objectives, and functioning of the ASIDO and DSS;
  • the training for the ASIDO technical team.

After the mission, a recommendation plan defining the main actions for the ASIDO constitution and start up was defined, and shared with SSP, as it follows:

  1. Explore ASIDO legal status options for a PPP – public private partnership
  2. Identify and involve other stakeholders to participate to the ASIDO
  3. Definition of the DSS operating mode and added value services
  4. Elaboration of a prefeasibility plan for ASIDO’s sustainability

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