ILS LEDA and CODEEN begin the process to create the first LEDA in Mexico, in the Municipality of Ensenada (Baja California)

Between July 10th  and 19th, 2023, Franco Jimi Torres from ILS LEDA carried out a mission to Ensenada, with the purpose of encouraging, raising awareness and guiding the representatives of the public, private, academic and social sectors of the Municipality of Ensenada in the design and start-up process of the first LEDA in Mexico, within the framework of the agreement between ILS LEDA and CODEEN (See news of January 27th, 2023).

The mission was developed meeting 175 representatives of various economic, social, and environmental sectors, through 21 main meetings with:

  • Various sectors of the Municipal Government
  • The government of the state
  • Several meetings with the port sector and the blue economy
  • Several meetings with the agricultural sector
  • Several meetings with the academic sector and that related to innovation
  • Several meetings with the tourism sector
  • Meeting with the energy sector
  • Meetings with the industrial sector
  • Meeting with the environmental sector
  • Meeting with the social and cultural sector
  • Final meeting with the CODEEN Presidency

The main result of the mission is that there is an institutional and organizational conglomerate interested in promoting local economic development based on local potential and in the creation of a LEDA, with the awareness that this requires a promoter work team with a high technical profile and a strong dialogue between the various actors, to reach a shared vision.

At the end of the missions, the following action plan was agreed upon with CODEEN:

  1. Formation of the Ensenada LEDA promoter group (ELPG), coordinated by CODEEN and including representatives of the business and productive sectors, academia, governments (one local and one state), and social and environmental organizations.
  2. Carrying out a webinar to present progress, according to the results of the survey "Analysis and perspectives for the design of a LEDA in Ensenada"
  3. Analysis of demand and supply of territorial services, together with the promoter group
  4. Shared definition between CODEEN, LOS LEDA and GPAE of a first draft of the purpose, functions and organization of the LEDA.

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