News selection for the value chains: Issue #4


ILS LEDA is pleased to share the Issue #4 of the "News selection for the value chains". In this number, you can find news on the following value chains: Agriculture; Horticulture; Fruit and Vegetables; Livestock; Dairy; Legumes; and, Circular Economy.

Issue #4: December, 5th 2022


'Agriculture' Photo by no one cares on Unsplash

Africa Union Summit showcases common African Agro Parks (CAAPs) initiative
Artificial intelligence applied to farming can reach 500,000 smallholder farmers in Asia



'Horticulture' Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Healthy seeds, and good germination with Plasma Activated Water seed treatment

Maximizing tomato and vegetable production in grow bags with the Plantlogic drainage collection bases

Opportunities for implementing closed greenhouse systems in arid climate conditions

PV shade screens for greenhouses, agrivoltaics

Centre for high-tech protected cropping systems launched to climate-proof crop production

UK: Promoting partnerships for science and technology to help plants and people prospe

2022 Year Overview: 10 stories on greenhouse expansion

Fruits and vegetables

'Fruits and vegetables' Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Fast and reliable measurement of the freshness and shelf life of tomato

Safeguarding vegetable biodiversity for food and nutrition security in Africa.

What's next for plant-based foods? (In Spanish)

E-commerce for fresh products (In Spanish)

Strategic guidelines for tomato and cucumber value chain development in Kebili (Tunisia)



'Livestock' Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash


 Morrisons Planet Friendly Eggs Feature a Circular Waste Scheme



'Dairy products' image by <a href="" target="_blank"> - freefoodphotos</a>

GDP Contingent Shared Dairy’s Sustainability Story at COP27

10 Dairy Industry Innovation Trends that you CANNOT overlook!



'Legumes' Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Legume cover crops uncovered: Their role in cropping systems

Pulse protein functionality, nutritional quality and utilization in the food industry

Legume Biofortification and the Role of Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria in a Sustainable Agricultural Era

Transition Paths to Sustainable Legume-based Systems in Europe


Circular economy

'Circular economy' Photo by TonToTon

UN/DESA Policy Brief #105: Circular agriculture for sustainable rural development
Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Shared Vision
ICLEI and FAO publish list of 21 cities selected for Urban Food Systems project (In Spanish)

 Five steps to achieve circularity in cities


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