Specialized at distance course in Local Economic Development in Colombia

Within the framework of the European Union's program "Strengthening Territorial Competitiveness from the local economic development in Colombia" named CET and the agreement between REDADELCO and ILS LEDAthe specialized distance course "Principles, processes, governance, policy and instruments in local economic development" managed by the UNAD (National Distance University) of Colombia began in February this year.

The course, which already has more than 500 users, is carried out through four weeks and 11 lessons for duration of 24 hours, according to the following agenda:
Lesson 1: The importance of local development in the era of globalization.
•   What is the DEL?
•   LED approach.
•    The importance of local development in the era of globalization.
•   The role of the territory.
Lesson 2: The components of LED: Governance.
•   Governance: public-private social alliance.
•   Governance instruments
Lesson 3: Focus on the experiences of Europe and Latin America.
•  Approaches and strategies for territorial development in Europe.
•   Focus on territorial development strategies in Latin America
Lesson 4: Competitive, inclusive and sustainable territorial economic development
• Competitive and comparative advantages.
• Value chains.
• The role of the territory.
• The importance of sustainability.
• Competitiveness in the short, medium, and long term.
•            Co-opetition and markets.
Lesson 5: Evaluation of the resources of value chains: the PASC and RESCO ILS LEDA methods
• Steps of strategic planning.
• Generation of sustainable employment.
• Methodologies to carry out the participatory diagnosis of the value chain resources
•  The PASC method (identification of resources and actors) and introduction to the       
   RESCO method.
Lesson 6: The RESCO method to assess the endogenous potential
• Assessment on competitiveness and sustainability.
•  Market analysis.
• Evaluation of the characteristics of the value chains.
• Prioritization of value chains.
•  Strategies and development plans.
Lesson 7: National policies for local economic development
• Essential characteristic of decentralization for local economic development
• Principles for good planning.
•   Elements of the policy.
Lesson 8: Importance and role of integrated implementation tools.
•  Characteristics of the implementation.
•  The mixed public-private system.
Lesson N ° 9: The Local Economic Development Agencies.
•  Implementation instruments.
•  The LEDAs (Local Economic Development Agencies).
Lesson 10: Territorial marketing strategies
•  Territorial marketing
•  Strategic positioning.
•  The components of a territorial marketing strategy (definition of the territory's personality, identification of the image of the territory, elaboration of the communication plan).
•  The cases of Morazán in El Salvador and Santander in Colombia.
Lesson 11: Innovation and territorial development.
•   The innovation process.
•   Innovation and territorial development
•  The European experience (Skane region in SWEDEN, Emilia Romagna region in ITALY, Mersin region in TURKEY)
•   The policy for innovation in Colombia: COLCIENCIA.
•   Strategies and Instruments for the promotion of innovation at territorial level
•   The IDEASS catalog
ILS LEDA contributed to the design and development of the course, mainly by providing the teaching material.
The course already has more than 500 users
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