The new LEDA of the Kebili Governorate has been launched


On July 31st, 2023, the new LEDA of the Kebili Governorate has been launched.

The LEDA was created in the framework of the CROLET Project, financed by the Italian Government, through the support of ILS LEDA, and it is now the 50th LEDA of the ILS LEDA network.

The founding plenary session of the LEDA Kebili was held in the headquarters of Kebili municipality, capital of the same name Governorate.

During the constituent assembly, the statute was drawn up and approved by 29 founding members, representatives of the 3 sectors: public bodies, including town halls and the chamber of commerce; productive sector and civil society.

The main aims of the Kebili LEDA are to:

  1. Help promote and develop public-private partnership projects in the governorate
  2. Contribute to develop the local resources through the creation and development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises, with the object of: (a) developing local value chains; (b) reducing poverty and enhancing gender equality; (c) fundraising; (d) formulating and financing projects; (e) networking local actors with strategic ones at national and international level.
  3. Facilitate access to credit via the guarantee fund mechanism managed by the group.
  4. Carry out any commercial, financial, movable, or immovable transaction that may be directly or indirectly be related to the corporate purpose or likely to facilitate its extension or development.

The next step is to start the LEDA, which will be supported by ILS LEDA, until the CROLET project ends.

However, the Kebili LEDA has been designed to remain self-sustaining over time, according to the experience of the other LEDAs of the ILS LEDA Network, the first of which were born 30 years ago, and are still alive and fully operational.

The same process is being finalised for the Sidi Bouzid Governorate as well.

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