The Project CROLET in time of COVID-19

Since November 2020 ILS LEDA is involved in CROLET Project leaded by WeWorld, in partnership with Italian and Tunisian organizations.

ILS LEDA is mainly involved in participating to the implementation of the following project activities:

  • establishment of 4 working groups on 4 value chains for the identification of present or potential economic resources (with special attention to green economy) and job opportunities;
  • awareness-raising actions, company check-ups and technical and financial assistance for small and medium enterprises, priorizing green economy companies;
  • strengthen non-financial services (technical assistance, training, marketing, administration), and create a sustainable coordination mechanism that strengthens financial services

During the last weeks Tunisia is struggling against a new strong wave of COVID-19.
Clearly, the pandemic strongly affects the socio-economic life of the population and all work activities.

This is the reason because the action plan of CROLET project has been revised in order to reduce or possibly remove the obstacles posed by the pandemic and to optimize activities and resources. Some field activities have been anticipated of few months and/or have been reorganised in order to reduce and optimise trips and travels.

The main activities planned for next months (March and April) are:

  • identification and selection of 4 territorial value chains  
  • business check-up for 10 selected enterprises
  • analysis of the services offered within the territories

The analysis activity is carried out through the administration of questionnaires to territorial actors and through the creation of foqus groups.
Due to the pandemic, many activities will be implemented at distance, through web meeting, webinars and all the tools that make it possible to work safely


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