In January 2017 the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (Min-CIT) signed a collaboration agreement with the Network of Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA) of Colombia RED ADELCO, aimed at strengthening territorial development within the framework of the national support strategy to the peace process in Colombia.  ILS LEDA will support RED ADELCO in the implementation of the project with training and technical assistance...

The 2017 INTERNATIONAL AWARD ON LOCAL DEVELOPMENT is an international competition for the recognition of relevant research contributions and successful initiatives in promoting and supporting local and territorial development, particularly important and distinctive at international level. It aims to encourage scholars, experts, young researchers, public institutions, public and private actors and businesses to improve awareness of territorial...

The first webinars of the "Festival of tools" series, oganised in the framework of the celebration of 30 years of LEDAs, were carried on the 28th of March (in English), and the 8th of April (in Spanish). 

ILSLEDA recommends reading a very interesting study signaled by EURADA and published by the Joint Research Centre and the European Committee of the Regions, as result of a co-creative effort with Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI).

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