II Foro Internacional de Desarrollo Económico Local en la ciudad de Cordoba (AR)


Argentina: City of Córdoba is committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development. In this framework, theEconomic Development Agency of the City of Córdoba (ADEC)organizes the II International Forum of Local Economic Development: "New scenarios, transformations and territorial competitiveness", which will be held on November 29 and 30 at the Sheraton hotel.

This Forum, which takes place in the framework of the "22nd Summit of Mercocities: Córdoba 2017" - November 29 to December 1, aims to create a space for dialogue and reflection among local, national and international actors, building new visions on the human, economic, social and environmental development of territories.
During two days, experts from six countries will share tools and strategies for territorial and sustainable development, analyzing international trends in local economic development from conferences, panels, round tables etc.
The following topics will be addressed:
-New scenarios, changes and territorial competitiveness.
- Urban Planning, city changing and construction of Smart Cities.
-Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Circular Economy. Habitat.
-Promotion of entrepreneurs and enterprises, competitiveness of local economies.
-Governance and government policies for local economic development.
-The innovation and the sustainable development of the territories
-Education, knowledge and culture. Work and development
-Cooperation for development.
Experts will participate in each panel: Dr. Ernesto Samper, former President of Colombia; the Spanish engineer Alain Jordá; Erica Molina of FOMIN; Marysé Robert, of the Organization of American States (OAS); Pablo Angeleli, from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), from the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), among others.
"The Forum is an opportunity for dialogue and reflection for the participants, for taking advantage of innovative experiences and good practices implemented in other cities and territories, adapt them to design actions that promote the development of cities within the framework of the transformations that are taking place and thus prepare us to respond to current and future needs" said Sebastian Parra, 1st Vice President of ADEC.

by ADEC Cordoba

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