News selection for the value chains: Horticulture

ILS LEDA is pleased to announce a new information service on the latest and most relevant news of interest to those who study, plan or work within the framework of productive value chains.

The news is compiled from important specialized information sources.

You can find the first number of this initiative, which regards the horticulture value chain, below.


Issue #1: November, 14th 2022

 Pinduoduo hosts discussion on agritech best practices for smallholder farmers
 WUR demonstrates more economical cultivation in greenhouse without gas: 'Grower's heat requirement can halve
 Recovering nutrients from food waste
 UAE to grow saffron in vertical farm
Now we know how plants steer clear of salt
 Urban agriculture makes urban life better and more sustainable
 Uzbekistan: Measures defined to support greenhouses
Think automation isn't for your operation? Think again


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