The house of inclusive and sustainable economic territorial development

"The house of inclusive and sustainable economic development” is a collection of documents that aims to provide a comfortable “tool” where the reader can find what he / she considers most useful to improve their knowledge and implement actions related to Local Economic Development (LED).

The “rooms” you want to visit are:


ROOM 1: Theoretical bases and main approaches assets (the bottom-up path, space and spatial dimension, social capital: the value of the participation.

ROOM 2: Making TED at work (Governance, Strategies, Implementation.

ROOM 3: Operationalising the approach: international practices (Ilo, Undp, Oecd, European Union, World Bank, Bid, Un-Habitat, Swiss Cooperation, Giz).Bank, Bid, Un-Habitat, Swiss Cooperation, Giz).

ROOM 4: The Ils Leda case (What Ils Leda is, The Ils Leda approach on governance, strategic planning for competitive, inclusive and sustainable development, implementation, territorial promotion).

ROOM 5: The ILS LEDA tool kits (on how to make governance at work; how to valorize the endogenous resources; how to create a Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA); how to measure the LEDA performance; how to manage a LEDA; how to promote a territory).

ROOM 6: Challenges (Innovations, Social and solidarity economy, Role of territory in the globalization, Role of territories in safeguarding the planet: circular and green economy).

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