The review has the objective of providing information about the main roles and tasks that pasture users unions and associations generally perform in different countries, and why and how the experience of these associations can be fruitful in the development and growth of the “District Pasture Coordinating Council (DPCC)”, and the “Unions of Pasture Users (UPUs) established in the framework of the “JAILYM” Project, in the Enbekshi-Kazakh district of Almaty Region.

The review has been elaborated taking into account the outcome of the Jailym project, which provides for “enhanced capacities and interaction of CSOs, Akimats and farmers on sustainable pasture management in Enbekshi-Kazakh District”, as well as its long-term impact “to contribute to improving the role of CSOs and LAs in tackling the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss on pastures and agriculture”, and in consideration of the intermediate results achieved by the Project during its first year of implementation, as well as the constraints on the way to associationism and to sustainable pasture management and livestock, that characterize the local context.

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