Giancarlo Canzanelli

The following document provides inputs to realize a workshop on perspectives and scenarios.

Franco Jimmy Torres Suarez, Oscar Armando Chicas, Ridvan Troshani, José Coelho

The Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) are legal, no profit structures, owned by the public and private entities of the territory. Through the LEDA the local actors plan and activate, in a shared way, initiatives...

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Giancarlo Canzanelli

The document contains a brief description of what ILS LEDA does, the main characteristics of developing countries where ILS LEDA works, and the ILS LEDA approach for development, including an example about the LEDAs experience in Colombia.

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Giancarlo Canzanelli

El micro-crédito tiene un rol importante en el marco de las políticas de welfare o de las políticas activas para el empleo, en cuanto es un instrumento muy válido para facilitar un ingreso a la población más vulnerable o el acceso a actividades micro-económicas...

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