The review has the objective of providing information about the main roles and tasks that pasture users unions and associations generally perform in different countries, and why and how the experience of these associations can be fruitful in the development and growth of the “District Pasture Coordinating Council (DPCC)”, and the “Unions of Pasture Users (UPUs) established in the framework of the “JAILYM” Project, in the Enbekshi-Kazakh district of Almaty Region.

Giancarlo Canzanelli and Alfonso Marino

This paper presents Theories, Approaches, Relationships, Implementation of Local Economic Development and Circular Economy.


This practice describes good beekeeping practices that should be adopted in the apiary. Among others, these practices include appropriate location scouting, numerical and graphical identification of hives, adequate hive inspection as well as the proper use of bee smokers.


In the framework of the “JAILYM” project, co-funded by the European Union, ILS LEDA carried out a Comparative Analysis of livestock associations’ performance in various countries, with the aim of providing useful inputs and information for facilitating the process of creation and consolidation of the associations of cattle breeders and pasture users, and, in a long term perspective, of broader associations and alliances of the cattle breeders with other operators of the livestock and milk/meat value chains.

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