Will it be possible to carry out an international cooperation program when, as in this age of COVID 19, everyone is locked in his/her apartment?
The PROZVET Project, co-funded by the EU and run by a Consortium of Italian and Russian partners is meant to enhance the role and contribution of the civil society and of women to the sustainable development of two quite remote regions of Russia: Trans-Baikal and Karelia

As previously announced, ILS LEDA launched a new publication: The house of inclusive and sustainable territorial development 
The work intends to provide a comfortable tool or house, where the reader can find what she/he considers more useful for improving her/his knowledge and implementing actions related to Local Economic Development (LED).

The European Union approved the project "PROZVET-Promoting Sustainable Development in Zabaikal and Karelia districts of Russia”, though enabling innovative forms of cooperation among civil society organisations (CSO), Local Authorities (LA), and non-traditional stakeholders.The project will last three years, and conducted through a partnership between ILS LEDA, The Italian Association FELCOS-Umbria (the project leader), the Karealian NGOs Resource Center, the Zabaikal Union of Women, the Russian NGO Zvezda Nadezhdy, and LEF-Italia-Italian Coordination of the European Women’s Lobby, an European no profit organisation.

Promoted by ILS LEDA, the group named IPLALP - Innovative Practices for the Latin American LEDA Portfolio was established with the general objective of improving the knowledge and operational capacity of LEDAs in support to their users in emerging issues and through innovative practices.

The European Union approved the project "ISUDWOG - Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Women and Girls". The project will be run in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra State of India during the next three years, and through a partnership between ILSLEDA and Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), an Indian NGO, which is the lead applicant, Sakhi Social Enterprise Network (SSEN), another Indian NGO, and LEF-Italia-Italian Coordination of the European Women’s Lobby, an European no profit organisation.

Starting activities in June 2017, the European Project ODAK: Enbek-Kazakh Alliance for Sustainable Economic and Human Development is carried out in Kazakhstan by Formaper - Agency of Milan Chamber of Commerce (Italy), the ILS LEDA International Network - KIP International School, IEAWO (International Environmental Association of Women of Orient) and FKF (Farmer of Kazakhstan Foundation).

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