This paper was elaborated in the framework of the project “Adolescents and Youth (AYs) for GREEN: Gaza Resilient Economy and Environment.” and it aims at recommending strategic guidelines and a plan of action for the development of a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable TOMATO AND CUCUMBER value chain in the targeted territories in the Gaza Strip.

The aim of this paper is to give an overview of current experiences of implementing school milk programmes, to discuss general trends in the development of such programmes and to draw conclusions about their future role as vehicles for promoting milk consumption.

Breeding innovations generally known as cross breeding have resulted in profitable dairy farming with serious health and fertility concerns. Selection of good, diseases resistant and climate resilient breed coupled with adoption of scientific breeding innovations laid the strong foundation to the dairy farm to grow in future.

This paper was elaborated in the framework of the CROLET project “Création d’opportunités d’emplois à travers l’économie Territoriale – Appui au développement local dans les Gouvernorats de Sidi Bouzid et Kebili en Tunisie”, financed by the Italian Government, with the aim to contribute to the reduction of illegal migration from Tunisia through local socio-economic development processes, and implemented in the governorates of Kebili and Sidi Bouzid.

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