The paper illustrates a comprehensive method for realising a quanti-qualitative assessment of development agencies.
This method is currently used by ILS LEDA for providing the LEDAs of a “Quality Label”, measuring theirs strengths and weaknesses, and finally supplying personalized technical assistance. Nevertheless it could be generalised, once the main assessment parameters are adapted to each different circumstance.

The paper provides basic information about successful and failed models of Territorial Development Agencies in several countries, such as: France, Spain, Italy and England; furthermore it contains information about the model of Local Economic Development Agencies promoted by UN and ILS LEDA all over the world.

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Ixcán es una municipalidad en el departamento de El Quiché, al borde de México, y consta de 192 aldeas. Sus superficie es de 1,575 km2, con mas de 90 mil habitantes...

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The paper illustrates brief history of the LEDAs promoted by the United Nations and lately by the Undp ART Program, through ILS LEDA, what they are and what services provide; how they sustain human development, and two case studies: the SEIBO Leda in Dominican Republic, and AULEDA in Albania.

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