“RESCO” is a participatory methodology for assessing the economic territorial resources and elaborating value chain strategies for sustainable, competitive and inclusive development. 
It has been designed by ILS LEDA  and successfully used in 13 countries in the last 18 years the framework of UN or EU international cooperation projects.

"The house of inclusive and sustainable economic development” is a collection of documents that aims to provide a comfortable “tool” where the reader can find what he / she considers most useful to improve their knowledge and implement actions related to Local Economic Development (LED).

Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAs) of the ILS LEDA network have achieved very important results on job creation, small business development, valorization of local products - mainly healthy food -, environmental safeguard, green economy, preservation of the cultural heritage, social inclusion, gender equality, fight against poverty, peacemaking, channeling national and international funds to the territories, and as an instrument for facilitating the elaboration and the implementation of local and national policies and plans.

The ILS LEDA recipes are elaborated according to the 25 years of experience on the field, and all the lessons learned through trials and failures.
This is the best menu you can find about crucial issues on local economic development.

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