This document aims to systematize several practices that the ART Initiative (Articulation of Territorial and Thematic Networks of Cooperation for Human Development) has undertaken to promote and sustain local economic development, in the framework of Country Programs as well as at international level.

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In the new 'knowledge economy" approach, innovation is conditioned by several factors, of both a socio-cultural and technical-economical nature, which can affect the various stages of the process, ranging from the production of new knowledge to its practical application and commercialization.
Innovation is a collective/interactive process, which cannot take place outside a highly territorial and systemic dimension.

El micro-crédito tiene un rol importante en el marco de las políticas de welfare o de las políticas activas para el empleo, en cuanto es un instrumento muy válido para facilitar un ingreso a la población más vulnerable o el acceso a actividades micro-económicas...

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Gli ultimi anni hanno segnato, per la cooperazione internazionale in Europa, una fase di trasformazione profonda che merita una attenta analisi per distinguere i fermenti positivi dagli spunti di crisi...

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